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Cafe Hollander
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Bierklasse: April Sours Bring May Flowers

Wednesday April 29th
SPECIAL Sours Bierklasse featuring 5 amazing sour biers. Pucker up & learn about spontaneous sour biers! Wednesday April 29th at 7:00pm. Sign up on bierklasse.com or email bierklasse@lowlandsgroup.com

King's Day

April 27th
It was Queen's Day and now it's King's Day! So drink like a King at our Lowlands Grand Cafes. Wear Orange on April 27 and receive a free Grolsch! We will be slinging Grolsch's for $4 all month long!


1st and 3rd Wednesday of the Month
Enjoy a bier while getting schooled by one of our knowledgable bier enthusiasts. Whether you're a bier lover, bier novice, bier snob, or bit unsure about this whole 'bier thing', Bierklasse walks you through the flavors and stories of Belgian bier, leaving you with all the tasty facts to impress your friends... and a bit of a buzz. Our syllabus is vast and we're hoppy to offer private and public classes. Drink your education at one of our 5 Lowlands Grand Cafes.

Trivia Night!


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Cafe Hollander

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